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The Worlds Famous Diamonds

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Worlds Famous Diamonds
The Worlds Famous Diamonds are found in a variety of colors. Most Worlds Famous diamonds are almost always substantial in weight and there are a significant number of Worlds Famous diamonds that are not only large but are also colored and some of them are even believed to be cursed! For detailed facts and information about the most famous diamonds please click the following link:

Famous Diamonds

The most intriguing of the  Worlds Famous diamonds are detailed below.

This top ten of the Worlds Famous Diamonds have achieved their fame due to publicity, history, myths, legends and curses that have been associated with them:

Worlds Famous Diamonds

1. The Hope Diamond

2. The Uncle Sam

3. The Koh-I-Noor

4. The Cullinan / Star of Africa

5. The Kahn Canary

6. The Regent

7. The Allnatt Diamond

8. The Tiffany Diamond

9. The Florentine

10. The Sancy Diamond

Names of Worlds Famous Yellow Diamonds:
Allnatt, Kimberley Octahedron , Oppenheimer, Light Yellow De Beers , Red Cross , Brownish Yellow Star of Peace , Fancy Yellow Hope of Africa , Light Yellow Florentine, Algeiba Star, Golden Hue, Tiffany, Stewart, Meister, Vainer Briolette, African Yellow, Rojtman, Soleil D'or, Golden Door, Deepdene, Sunrise, Shah of Persia, Stern's Star

Names of Worlds Famous Brown Diamonds:
Golden Jubilee (previously Large Brown), Brownish Yellow Incomparable, Great Chrysanthemum Fancy Brown, Brownish Yellow Star of Peace, Brownish Pink Star of the South, Earth Star (Coffee colored), Cross of Asia (Champagne colored), Victoria-Transvaal (Champagne / Light Brown color)

Names of Worlds Famous White Diamonds:
Cullinan I, Cullinan II, Centenary, Regent, Lesotho Promise, Jubilee, Millennium Star, Porter Rhodes, La Luna, Orlov (aka Orloff) aka Orloff (Near White), Jacob, Moon, Paragon, Premier Rose, Queen of Holland, Great Brazilian, Niarchos, Krupp, Jonker, Al-Nader, Taj-i-Mah, Edna Star, Rojtman, Cartier, Koh-i-Noor, Uncle Sam Diamond and the Taylor-Burton

Names of Worlds Famous Black Diamonds:
Black Star of Africa, Table of Islam, Black Orloff (Orlov (aka Orloff)) or Eye of Brahma, Amsterdam, Korloff Noir and the Gruosi diamond

Names of Worlds Famous Pink Diamonds:
Darya-i-Nur, Star of the South (Brownish Pink), Nepal, Steinmetz Pink "Jewel in the Crown", Rose of Dubai, Williamson, Hortensia, Grand Condé

Names of Worlds Famous Blue Diamonds:
Regent (Faint Blue), Hope, Wittelsbach, Sultan of Morocco (Greyish Blue), Blue Heart, Heart of Eternity, Transvaal Blue

Names of Worlds Famous Red Diamonds:
Moussaieff Red, Halphen Red ( or Hancock Red)

Names of Worlds Famous Green Diamonds:
Dresden Green, Ocean Dream Diamond ( Fancy Deep Blue-Green)

Names of Worlds Famous Orange Diamonds:
The Pumpkin Diamond is a diamond measuring 5.54 carats (1.108 g) rated in color as Fancy Vivid Orange

Worlds Most Famous Diamond
There are many myths and legends surrounding the Worlds Famous diamonds. The most famous diamond in the world is arguably the Hope Diamond which appeared in the gem catalogue of Henry Philip Hope in 1839. The Curse of the famous Hope Diamond dates back to the blue diamond being stolen from an idol in India. The sacred stone had a curse attached to it that foretold bad luck and death not only for the owner of the diamond but also for all of those who even touched it. For detailed information about this diamond please click the following link:

Hope Diamond

Worlds Famous Diamonds
Fascinating information about the Worlds Famous diamonds.

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