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White Diamonds

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White Colored or Colorless Diamonds
The most traditional and popular color associated with the Diamond is white, or colorless, and is strongly favored as a popular gem in  jewelry. However, the white colored, or, colorless, diamond is categorised into the following: Colorless, Nearly colorless, Faintly tinted (usually yellow), Lightly tinted (usually yellow) and Tinted (usually yellow but may progress to brownish). The scale and grades for colorless diamonds goes from 'D' (colorless) to 'Z' (dark yellow). The less color, the more expensive.

Famous White Diamonds
The most famous White diamonds in the world include:

  • In 1701 the white, or colorless, Regent diamond discovered by a slave in the Parteal Mines on the Kistna River
  • In 1880 the white, or colorless Porter Rhodes Diamond came from the claim of Mr. Porter-Rhodes in the Kimberly Mine
  • In 1895 the Jubilee Diamond, a white, cushion-shaped diamond, was found in the Jagersfontein Mine
  • In 1968/68 the movie star Elizabeth Taylor became the owner of the famous Krupp diamond and then the Taylor-Burton diamond
  • Other names of Famous White Diamonds are the Cullinan I (aka the Star of Africa), Cullinan II, Centenary, Lesotho Promise, Jubilee, Millennium Star, La Luna, Orlov (aka Orloff) (Near White), Jacob, Moon, Paragon, Premier Rose, Queen of Holland, Great Brazilian, Niarchos, Jonker, Al-Nader, Taj-i-Mah, Edna Star, Rojtman, Cartier, Koh-i-Noor, Uncle Sam Diamond

The Color Scale or Grade for White or Colorless Diamonds
The scale or grade for colorless diamonds goes from 'D' (colorless - most expensive) to 'Z' (dark yellow - cheapest).

Color -  Diamond Color Scale or Grading

Colorless D E F - Diamond Grade D, Grade E, Grade F - Most Expensive & Desirable

Near Colorless G H I J - Grade G, Grade H, Grade I, Grade J -

Faint Yellow K L M - Grade K, Grade L, Color Grade M -

Very Light Yellow N O P R  - Grade N, Grade O, Grade P, Grade R -

Dark Yellow S T U V W X Y Z - Grade S, Grade T, Grade U, Grade V, Grade W, Grade X, Grade Y, Grade Z - Cheapest & Least Desirable

Definition of Diamond Color - Difference between Colored & White Diamonds
What is the Definition of a White Diamond and what is the difference between White & Colored Diamonds? Colored diamonds contain impurities or structural defects that cause the coloration, while pure or nearly pure white diamonds are transparent and colorless. The most common impurity, nitrogen, causes a slight to intense yellow coloration depending upon the type and concentration of nitrogen present. Diamonds with a detectable hue other than yellow or brown are known as colored diamonds.

White Diamonds in Jewelry
White diamonds in jewelry is extremely popular especially for wedding and engagement presents. White diamond earrings, bracelets, necklaces and of course engagement rings and eternity rings are the most popular types of jewelry. In 1477 Mary of Burgundy became the first known recipient of a diamond engagement ring given to her by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria and the history and tradition of the engagement ring began

White - The Most Popular Diamond Color
The most popular diamond color is colorless or white diamonds. Facts and information about White diamonds.

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