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Where are diamonds found? - Kimberlite and Placer / Alluvial Deposits
Where are diamonds found? Natural diamond sources are found in one of the following environments:

  • Kimberlite Rock
  • Placer Deposits or Alluvial Deposits

A Diamond is formed when extreme heat (temperatures of 2200 degrees Fahrenheit) and extreme pressure cause carbon atoms to crystallize forming diamonds approximately ninety miles under the earth's surface. Diamonds reach the surface of the earth via volcanic pipes or via placer / alluvial deposits. Kimberlite is a blue rock that occurs in ancient volcanic pipes and is the most common host of diamonds.

When a volcano erupts diamonds are also deposited on, or near, the surface. Some of the kimberlite host rock is washed away by streams and rivers and diamonds are deposited as sediment in the stream sands in 'placer deposits' also called Alluvial deposits. These deposits are caused by volcanic eruptions or by millions of years of erosion caused by rainfall and snow-melt which unearth the diamonds from their kimberlite source. So, in answer to the question where are diamonds found - areas where there have been volcanic activity or erosion and where natural elements such as streams, rivers and even glaciers might have taken them. For additional information click the following links:

Diamond Source

Diamond Mines

Where are diamonds found around the World?
Where are diamonds found around the World? Natural diamond sources have been discovered in approximately 35 different countries around the World across several continents. Russia, Botswana and South Africa are the world’s major gem quality diamond producers and Australia is the major industrial diamond producer. The most notable diamond deposits are in Africa. Details of world locations are as follows:

Africa - South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Tanzania and Sierra Leone India Russia - Siberia South America - Brazil Australia - Northern and Western Australia China United States - Arkansas (Crater of Diamond State Park) Colorado and Wyoming Canada - see Canadian Diamonds

The Names of the States where diamonds are found
The Arkansas, Wyoming and Colorado are the only states to have a verifiable source of diamonds, however significant research efforts are being made in the United States are under way to locate other possible sources.

Where diamonds are found in the United States - Wyoming
Diamond Kimberlite pipes have been found in Wyoming, near the Colorado-Wyoming state line area referred to as the Aultman, Ferris and Schaffer kimberlites.

The Herkimer Diamond Mine and the Ace Of Diamonds Mine - New York
The Herkimer Diamond Mines and the Ace Of Diamonds Mine are not underground mines but are strip mines in the form a gravel pit. There are no diamonds! But faceted quartz crystals with points at both ends are found in this area.

Where diamonds are found in the United States - Arkansas
In 1906 John Huddleston sold his diamond-bearing land for $36,000 to a group of men who began the Arkansas Diamond Company. Horace Bemis bought the adjacent land and formed the Ozark Diamond Corporation. Despite the yield of diamonds no one was able to make a fortune. Both of these plots of Arkansas land were opened as tourist attractions and both plots were eventually purchased in 1969 by General Earth Minerals of Dallas, Texas who continued to run the land as tourist attractions until 1972 when the State Of Arkansas bought the land for $750,000. It is called the Crater of Diamonds State Park of Arkansas. The Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only publicly owned diamond site in the world where visitors may search for diamonds and keep what they find! The land has yielded over 70,000 diamonds including the Kahn Canary Diamond  and the Uncle Sam Diamond.

Where diamonds are found in the United States - Colorado
The state of Colorado has been linked with diamonds since 1875 when two unscrupulous prospectors convinced  the president of the Bank of California that they had found a rich diamond field. Their claims were a hoax - they had sprinkled the land themselves with gemstones! Kimberlite was then discovered in the late 1960's at the Colorado-Wyoming state line area in Larimer County, Colorado. In 1975 diamonds were recovered from unique volcanic structures called diatremes (the upper portions of these volcanic structures) which were located northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado. It was an almost unbelievable coincidence that the diamond deposit site was only 150 miles away from the prospectors hoax diamond field!  In 1996, the Kelsey Lake mine began mining on a commercial scale and in 1997, the Kelsey Lake Mine produced a 28.18 carat yellow diamond. The mine was closed in 1998 but there are some plans to re-open.

Source of Diamonds
The source of the diamond is a fascinating subject. This page was designed to clarify where they can be found around the world, in the United States and the meaning of Kimberlite, Placer Deposits and Alluvial deposits.

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