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Description of the Tiffany Yellow Diamond
The Tiffany is one of the most famous yellow diamonds in the world. It is also known as the Tiffany Yellow. The Tiffany weighed 287.42 carats as a rough diamond crystal and 128.51 carats after being cut. The type of cut of the Tiffany diamond is a Cushion Cut and is a brilliant with 90 facets. A cushion cut consists of a four sided deep square or rectangle cut with rounded edges and large facets with a cushioned shaped girdle. There are forty facets on the crown and forty-eight facets on the pavilion, plus a table and a culet. The color of the diamond has been classified as Fancy yellow which is extremely rare. The Fancy Yellow Tiffany Diamond is on display in the New York City flagship store.

Origin of the name of the Tiffany Diamond
The Tiffany Diamond was named after its first known owner, Charles Lewis Tiffany, the famous Fifth Avenue Jeweler.

History of the Tiffany Diamond
The Tiffany diamond was found in 1878 at the Kimberley mine in South Africa, the French-owned part of the De Beers Mines. It was shipped to Paris where it was shown to Tiffany representatives of Tiffany including the company's famous gemmologist George F. Kunz. The decision was made to purchase the rough stone ( they paid $18,000)  and George F. Kunz was commissioned to design the cut. The Tiffany Yellow Diamond was shipped to New York on the City of Chester on June 15, 1880. The diamond was exhibited at numerous venues including the following:

  • 1893 - Chicago Columbian exhibition
  • 1901 - Pan-American exhibition
  • 1933 - Chicago Century of Progress
  • 1939 - New York World's Fair
  • 1971 - Kimberly, South Africa
  • 1986 - London

Only two women have ever worn the Tiffany Diamond. The first was Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse, chairwoman of the Tiffany Ball in Newport, RI, wore it in 1957, and Audrey Hepburn wore it in 1961 for publicity photos for the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

Tiffany & Co. - Charles Lewis Tiffany
Tiffany & Co. is a silversmith and jewelry company which was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young in New York City.  In 1853, Charles Lewis Tiffany assumed total control of the company and was given the nickname of "the King of Diamonds" by New York City newspapers. In 1887, Tiffany bought the French Crown Jewels. Its famous jewelry and designs have been worn by the richest and most famous people in the world including the Vanderbilts and the Astors, Movie stars and Royalty. The Tiffany flagship store is located on New York's Fifth Avenue at 57th Street. The New York Tiffany jewelry store is probably the most famous in the World due to the publicity attracted from the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, which starred Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, the naive, eccentric socialite. The jewelry store continues to attract thousands of tourists who are able to see the Yellow Tiffany Diamond which is on display.

How the Tiffany Diamond was formed
The Kimberley mine in South Africa, where the Tiffany diamond was found, is situated on an ancient volcanic pipe. Diamonds are formed when extreme heat and extreme pressure cause carbon atoms to crystallize forming diamonds approximately ninety miles under the earth's surface. Diamonds reach the surface of the earth via volcanic pipes, or channels.

Yellow Diamonds
Colored diamonds contain impurities or structural defects that cause the coloration. The most common impurity, nitrogen, causes a slight to intense yellow coloration depending upon the type and concentration of nitrogen present. Natural yellow diamonds contain the element nitrogen (N).

The Tiffany Diamond
The above history details important historical events and dates. Fascinating information about the history of the  stone providing comprehensive facts, information and about the history of the famous gem.

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