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Baguette Cut Diamond

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History of the Baguette Cut Diamond
Diamonds became popular as ornaments in jewelry in the 1400's and the different techniques and styles of diamond cuts such as the Baguette Cut Diamond were gradually developed over many years. The baguette cut is named after the French word ‘baguette’ meaning “long rod”.  The baguette cut was developed during the 1920s and 1930s. Its geometric form with straight, clean lines was a fashionable design during this period of Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements. This style of diamond cut is used primarily as a side stone and originally used primarily in costume jewelry such as cocktail rings.

Description of the Baguette Cut Diamond
The description of an Baguette Cut Diamond is narrow rectangular cut is used for smaller stones.

Tapered baguettes have uneven short sides and a popular design for cocktail rings. The baguette cut diamonds are bright, clear and shiny in appearance. The step cut baguette accentuates a diamond's luster, whiteness, and clarity but plays down its fire.

Baguette Cut Diamond - Step Cut Diamonds - Oblong
Many Square, Oblong or rectangular diamonds are 'step cut' which is used for Baguette cut diamonds. Long thin oblongs are often known as baguettes. A Baguette cut is therefore often referred to as 'Step cut' or 'Table cut'. The facets on a 'Step cut' or 'Table cut' are cut in steps, parallel to the edges which could be described as a pyramid with its top chopped off. These diamonds are bright, clear and shiny in appearance as its facets usually span the length or width of the stone, the facets gradually decreasing as they approach the table and culasse.

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Baguette Cut Diamond - the Cutting Process
Diamond Facets are the smooth surface areas of a diamond which are cut and polished to control the brilliance and the durability of a diamond. A skilful diamond cutter brings out all the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond by choosing the most appropriate cut, such as the Baguette Diamond cut.

Symbolism & Meaning of Diamonds
The traditional properties closely associated with diamonds  are action, passion, and energy. Jewelry containing diamonds are believed to enhance relationships, increasing inner strength and provide the wearer with balance, clarity and abundance. Wearing jewelry containing a diamond will focus the energies of the precious gemstone through the gem.

Baguette Cut Diamond
What constitutes good cuts? Good Baguette Cut Diamonds are effected by several different elements which have a large impact on a diamond's brilliance. These include the Width and Depth of the stone, the Symmetry and the alignment of a diamond's facets and the polish. Diamond Clarity is a measure of a diamond's blemishes and inclusions which also effect the brilliance of diamonds and their sparkle because they interfere with the passage of light travelling through the precious stone. The skill of the jeweller will ensure that Baguette cut diamonds have a suitable cut to give the most beautiful results in respect of their lustre, transparency, refraction and dispersion of light.

A forerunner of the popular emerald cut requiring a four-pronged setting. It is square step cut with cropped corners. An almost octagonal outline enhances the brilliance of the Diamond Gemstone.

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